encaustic art & BEESWAX

Encaustic art, regardless of its provenance, age, genre, fame, or acclaim would not be possible without the tireless and vital efforts of the humble and miraculous honey bee. Encaustic artists are creating new, exciting, and important works of art - YES! - but, if it weren’t for honey bees there would be no beeswax and, therefore, sadly, no encaustic medium to paint with (encaustic medium =>80% beeswax!).

Food for thought

AND….No other group of insects is more essential to our survival than the bee! As pollinators, bees are responsible for the successful propagation of more than 30 PERCENT of the food we eat. Honey bees - together with their nearly 20,000 closely related bee cousins, butterflies, and birds - help feed the world through the pollination of flowers and plants. Their survival is critical to sustaining healthy ecosystems.


SO grateful…that I’m donating five-percent (5%) of net proceeds from the sale of each work of my art – forever – to non-profit organizations that actively promote the health and survival of honey bees.

From planting bee friendly gardens, to eliminating the use of harmful pesticides, or just giving plain old cash to non-profit organizations serving our pollinator friends, there are countless small, very easy, and incredibly meaningful ways you can support the proliferation of healthy bee colonies as well as the populations of other vital pollinators. A quick Google search for ‘how to support honey bees and pollinators’ will get you on your way to learning more.