Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I am an American artist and entrepreneur.

I love to draw. I love to paint. I love to work with my hands, to make a mess and find my way through the chaos.

Encaustic is a beautifully tactile and incredibly challenging medium to work with. It can be simultaneously forgiving and demanding. The tension between hot and cold, liquid and solid, translucent and opaque, brings a unique and almost other-worldly dimension to the experience of it, both for the artist and the viewer. Although encaustic is my preferred medium and consumes the vast majority of my studio time, I also enjoy experimenting with a variety of other (more portable) mediums, such as gouache, oil pastels, watercolor, color pencils, and charcoal.

I am impelled to make work that speaks to me personally, to my history and my heritage. Telling my story - my experiences, my perceptions, and my feelings - through art leads to work that is flowing with color, energy, and motion. Beyond this, I find inspiration everywhere: in the works of other artists, in nature, in unexpected people, places, and events. The world - past, present, future - is full of beauty.

In my studio, as in life, I make a point of showing up: to observe, to learn, and to eventually find my way forward.

Unclassically trained in the arts, and wildly undisciplined, watch as I continue to test, experiment, fail and create my own uniquely diverse body of work.


stay tuned!


2019 ‘Featured Artist’ at Prima Bistro, Langley WA (Feb-April 2019)

2018 “Celebrate Whidbey Artisans” Group Exhibition, The Front Room Gallery, Langley, WA (Sept – Oct 2018)

2018 2nd Annual “Global Warming is Real” National Juried Encaustic Exhibition, Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe, NM (July – Sept 2018)

GUSTAV 6” x 6” encaustic, paper collage, gold leaf, shellac burn 2018