Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I am an American artist and entrepreneur.

In the early 2000’s, I co-founded a medical device company (www.emulatetx.com (formerly Nativis, Inc.)) that is now setting the stage for novel and non-invasive approaches to treating cancer and other serious disease.

Retired in 2016, I fell in love with a different kind of creative process…

Made primarily of beeswax, encaustic is a beautifully seductive and versatile medium. It is inherently challenging to work with and, for me, these challenges bring freedom and discipline, play and problem solving.

I make work that speaks to me personally, to my history and my heritage. Whether through the experience of love, joy and success, or failure, frustration and disappointment, or through everyday encounters with people, places, music, and nature, inspiration comes from everywhere. Telling my story through art leads to work that is emotionally charged, flowing with color, energy, and motion.

The wax never behaves the same from one moment to the next, so I start where I am. In my studio, as in life, I am observing and learning, one moment victorious and the next vanquished, forever at the mercy of this beautifully ancient practice.

Unclassically trained in the arts. Wildly undisciplined. Usually having no idea what I’m doing, but okay with it. Loving the freedom to test, experiment, fail and create, I am always grateful for the experience.


2019 ‘Featured Artist’ at Prima Bistro, Langley WA (Feb-March 2019)


2018 2nd Annual “Global Warming is Real” National Juried Encaustic Exhibition, Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe, NM (July – Sept 2018)

2018 “Celebrate Whidbey Artisans” Group Exhibition, The Front Room Gallery, Langley, WA (Sept – Oct 2018)

GUSTAV 6” x 6” encaustic, paper collage, gold leaf, shellac burn 2018